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Apr 11, 2016 4:14:25 PM

Luxury Property Selection

Special, rare properties that reflect your personal tastes and preferences – that’s the starting point for Luxury Property Selection.

Properties of real value, of remarkable location, built with nuanced craftsmanship and with features harmonious with your pursuits and inclinations, fill the spotlight at Luxury Property Selection.

Since time immemorial the desire for fine objects, from the grand-in-scale to the ornate collectable, is the pursuit of those with the ability to discern and a passion for excellence. Nothing surpasses a home or property that symbolises your victories and life’s achievements; that offers comfortable refuge, a place to entertain guests and raise successful children, and ideally an investment that pays off in the long run.

Luxury Property Selection itself is young launching in 2012, but affiliated with the experience of Harcourts International, with over 125 years’ of honing its services and approach to ensure the satisfaction of its customers. 

Mike Green, Managing Director of Harcourts International and Luxury Property Selection, is assured that customers who put their faith in Luxury Property Selection to either buy or sell the property will recognise the company’s remarkable strengths and unique approach.  

“Luxury property customers understand that when you combine a strong local brand with a network of global reach, that you have a winning combination, and a greater capacity for exceptional service,” said Mike. 

“Luxury Property Selection is known for its innovation and outstanding offline and online marketing. 

“We are luxury specialists. We know that today’s affluent are mindful of the way in which they spend their hard-earned money. We are highly trained and know the power of connections, and know how to set ourselves and our customers apart.”

The Luxury Property Selection website, delivers a similar innovative approach to searching properties, allowing consumers to find their choice through defining their preference through a set of four distinction lifestyle choices and pursuits - type of location, lifestyle, eco and recreation. 

Looking for a small town experience or an island home? How about something in wine country or close to a university? Seeking a house built with energy efficient features close to a golf course? It’s all there, and much more, in the search function of Luxury Property Selection.

“People of affluence can buy almost anything they want, but not everything they want, so they must make smart choices,” Mike Green said. “Luxury Property Selection is about giving you the customer the power to make the best choices possible, to become even more successful, and to fulfil your dreams.”



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