Walk-in Wardrobes That Wow

Jun 12, 2019 1:33:00 PM

Looking to lock in an amazing wardrobe with the latest features? Here are our top five ideas for the must-haves for outfitting a lux closet.

More than just a place to hang clothing and store out-of-season necessities, today’s wardrobes are about lavish updates and considered design. Permanent installations might add value to your home, but most of all they add a level of enjoyment to your home life. The master bedroom has become a master suite or master wing, where a return to the dressing room concept is housed amongst ultimate luxury touches. Mirror galleries, built-in vanities, perfect lighting, custom-built seating and rotating hanger systems are just some of the luxurious touches seen in contemporary walk-in wardrobes.

Wardrobes That Wow


This one seems obvious, but size really does matter when it comes to planning a walk-in wardrobe. The newest trend is converting an extra bedroom into a closet, complete with built-in shelving, drawers, mirrors and creating a relaxing escape where one can be surrounded by favourite things.

Drinks fridge

If the space is designed for multiple uses, not just storage and a place to get dressed, but a destination, then having a cold drink on-hand is a must. When the bespoke cabinetry is designed, dedicate a space for a drink fridge. Consider adding a custom cabinet front to integrate it seamlessly into the rest of the cabinetry.

Reading corner

That peaceful oasis you’re building inside a room that is now a luxury closet? Installing a lavish chaise for relaxing, napping or simply just reading more.

Perfume island

The free-standing island to house jewellery and accessories has been upgraded with a crowning ‘perfume island’ where one’s scent collection can be displayed and kept on-hand for finishing off the outfit of the day. The centre island is often a focal point where beautiful things are kept on display such as framed family photos and other treasures.

Shoe & bag closet

When a collection starts to outgrow its dedicated space, the obvious next step is to create a closet dedicated to footwear and handbags. More a display area to highlight certain pieces, a specialised storage area is often an extension of the main closet.


Lighting is also an important aspect as it will allow your collection to look its best. Once you've decided on your key features, an interior designer will be able to maximise the usability of the space you have while making the most of the storage options available.

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