Luxury kitchen design trends 2017

May 2, 2017 11:17:16 AM

This year is all about going one step further with the trends we’ve grown to love in our kitchens in the recent past. As we find new ways to use popular materials, and designers start to look at kitchens in a whole new way when it comes to both form and function.

Here are some of the stand-out trends we’re starting to see in our luxury listings.

Neutral tones and colour palettes

One design trend that has been gaining popularity in high-end apartment kitchens this year is a pared-back colour palette.

Keeping the cabinetry, benchtops and appliances in light, neutral shades allows the rest of your home to shine, and helps to integrate your kitchen into any number of different types of styled spaces, which also ensures longevity.

Bold colours splashed onto cabinetry, or unusual tapware can look amazing if done well, but it’s also generally part of a fleeting design trend that could date quickly, and will be harder to integrate with the existing design aesthetic in adjoining rooms such as dining and living spaces.

Neutral doesn’t mean bland either, you can add statement pieces with lighting, unusual materials in your benchtops or splashbacks and by making use of the existing stand-out features in your space like exposed brick, beams or well-placed windows.

Concrete features and benchtops

Concrete benchtops look amazing, and gained popularity last year. This year we’re seeing the trend migrate to other parts of the kitchen, like splashbacks, flooring, tables and even in lighting.

Concrete is surprisingly versatile, being able to be set in a range of sizes, shapes, colours and even finishes. It’s a fully customisable building material.

Raw materials

Raw materials are having a real moment throughout interiors this year, but this back to basics trend looks particularly effective in the kitchen.  

Think, stone, marble or sanded, wooden benchtops, exposed wooden beams and quartz splashbacks.

Feature lighting

If sticking to a fairly neutral theme in the kitchen one way to bring personality and interest into the space is through statement, feature lighting. From brass finishes, to exposed bulbs, ultra-modern fittings, to industrial replicas, there are a plethora of ways to use statement lighting in a captivating way.

Light fittings are also easy to update and switch out, giving you the creative freedom to play around with bolder choices of colour and style.

Clean aesthetic and minimalist/integrated appliances

More and more we’re seeing designers turn to clever ways of easily disguising the areas of the kitchen prone to clutter and mess, but this year we’ll this trend taken even further with common appliances and utility spaces integrated right into the cabinetry.

Think workspaces which can be rolled away or closed off from view when not in use, or fridges and microwaves which are integrated into the main cabinetry without an exposed door.

Extra touches include built-in wine racks which can be accessed easily and then slid away or walk-in and butler’s pantries discreetly hidden behind roller doors. This trend also allows you to be generous with space in these areas without dominating the kitchen visually.

Think about the existing style and period of your home when considering some of these trends for your kitchen. However, the beauty of these particular trends, is that they’re not really ‘trends’ at all, but design principles and materials that have all the makings of looks that will stand the test of time.

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