Hong Kong


    • Hong Kong Skyline

      Hong Kong: A unique fusion of Western and Eastern culture.

    • Hong Kong harbor - Kowloon bay

      Victoria Harbour,
      a jewel to marvel at.

    Heritage and culture are what sets Hong Kong apart from the rest of Asia – indeed the world.

    With a largely Chinese population and over 100 years of colonial history, Hong Kong is a unique fusion of Western and Eastern cultures where the old and the new live side by side.

    Its incense-filled temples, colonial buildings and glass-and-steel skyscrapers, along with its ancient traditions and lively festivals, have made Hong Kong a living culture experience.

    Proudly promoting itself as "Asia's World City", Hong Kong is a truly unique destination, absorbing cultural influences from places as diverse as Vietnam and Vancouver.


    Hong Kong Harbour

    Archeological findings date the first human settlements in the area back to more than 30,000 years ago.

    Hong Kong's magnificent harbour has been the key to its development as a trading port for China, progressing through an industrial era to become a leading financial and services centre in Asia.

    The unique blend of eastern and western influences, matched by diverse attractions and stunning countryside, has made Hong Kong Asia's prime tourist destination.




    • Set sail across the harbour to Hong Kong Island for the best views of the island's famous skyline.
    • East meets west in high style to make this city a gourmet's paradise. With an astonishing 9,000 restaurants to choose from, Asian food of all kind abounds, and the international repertoire is as good as anywhere in the world.
    • Ultra-modern malls, designer boutiques and old fashioned open-air markets - Hong Kong is a shopping Mecca where you'll find everything from ancient Chinese medicine to the coolest gadgets.
    • Hong Kong has an excellent transport network, which is an attraction in its own right. From old harbour ferries to ultra modern trains and the world's longest escalator, getting from A to B is done in style.
    • Fashionable types will want to head to Soho for its chic bars, international restaurants and the world's longest outdoor escalator, which weaves through some of the oldest and most fascinating streets in Hong Kong.
    • A famous centre for international finance and trade, Hong Kong offers a vibrant metropolitan city, aesthetically combining different cultures with Chinese traditions. Victoria Peak, Hong Kong Island's highest peak, offers a magnificent view of the harbour and the expansive skyscrapers along its shores.


    Food and Wine

    East meets West in high style to make this city a gourmet's paradise. With an astonishing 9,000 restaurants to choose from, Asian food of all kind abounds, and the international repertoire is as good as anywhere in the world.

    Hong Kong Cuisine

    night boat ride

    Boat Cruises

    Victoria Harbour is one of Hong Kong's greatest assets, a jewel that people marvel at. There is no better way to capture the magic than by taking a night-time cruise.

    horse racing

    Horse Races

    No trip to Hong Kong is complete without a visit to one of the world's finest racecourses. Catch all the fast-paced action and drama as the horses round the bend and thunder down the home stretch as a grandstand full of cheering fans urge their favourite mount across the finish line at the Sha Tin racecourse.



    Hong Kong offers a myriad of hiking experiences that belie its cosmopolitan ambiance. From the eerily rugged beauty of the Hong Kong National China Geopark to sublime hills and beaches of some of the city's most famous coastlines. Enjoy leafy urban walks, the outlying islands and more. Check out the hikes that are sure to offer you a memorable hiking experience.



    Another cool temple in Hong Kong

    Did you Know?
    Hong Kong has the highest average IQ in the world at 107.

    • Literally translated, Hong Kong means "Fragrant Harbor".
    • Hong Kong has the most skyscrapers (classified as buildings with more than 14 floors) in the world with 2,000 – almost double of second-place New York City.
    • The Tsing Ma Bridge is the world's longest road and rail suspension bridge and a landmark of Hong Kong.


    Hong Kong Dollar (HK$)






    Hong Kong has a subtropical climate yet has four distinguishable seasons.

    Spring is warm and humid, summer hot and rainy, autumn is pleasant and sunny and winter is cool and dry.